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Pet De-Shedding Brush and De-Matting Tools with Shedding Brush Glove, Reduce Shedding up to 95% (Blue, Small)

Pet De-Shedding Brush and De-Matting Tools with Shedding Brush Glove, Reduce Shedding up to 95% (Blue, Small)

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  • MOVE UP TO 95% DEAD HAIR:  Reduce shedding up to 95% for short to long haired dogs with our de-shedding brush.
  • CUT THROUGH YOUR PET TANGLES SMOOTHLY:  Smoothly cuts mats with our dog detangling tool. Safe for your pet.
  • DAILY MASSAGE AND REMOVE DEAD HAIR:  Pamper your pet with our grooming glove. Use both sides to remove loose hair and massage gently.
  • CLEAN UP PET HAIR:  Reduce pet hair with our de-shedding glove and keep your home clean!
  • EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN:  Effortlessly remove excess hair with this de-shedding brush and save time.

Product Description

Ozark Pet - Professional Pet Grooming Brush Kit for your pets!

- 2-in-1 dog and cat brush for shedding, de-shedding, and de-matting.

- 2-sided grooming brush and grooming glove for effective pet hair removal.


Cut through mats & tangles smoothly with undercoat rake for dogs - cat matted fur remover

Remove up to 95% dead hair with dog brush for shedding - cat hair brush shedding

Gently massage and remove dead hair with dog hair remover brush - cat fur brush

Cleaning pet hair on furniture with dog brushes glove - cat hair remover brush

Your pets will love it!

Groom and relax your furry friends with our pet hair brush kit. Use the de-matting tool for cats and dog rake brush to leave their coat soft and shiny. The glove's soft silicone tips are perfect for removing loose hair, making it a versatile cat and dog brush.

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