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Pet Grooming Brush for Shedding, Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs - For Long and Short Hair Removes Tangles and Loosen Hair, For All Pets (Gray)

Pet Grooming Brush for Shedding, Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs - For Long and Short Hair Removes Tangles and Loosen Hair, For All Pets (Gray)

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  • 🐶 LAIKA's upgraded dog shedding brush features angled bristles with rounded ends, including gentle massage particles. With 364 bristles, it's designed not to harm sensitive skin and offers a wider cleaning range. This makes it safer and more effective for grooming cats and dogs of various sizes.
  • 🐱With a simple one-button self-cleaning feature, just slide back the switch after grooming to retract the bristles and easily wipe away collected fur. No more worrying about hair buildup. It saves time and effort.
  • 🐶Our dog grooming brush has an ergonomic handle with a non-slip texture for a secure grip, reducing pressure on the hands and preventing strain during long use. It also features a hook-hole at the bottom for space-saving storage, allowing you to hang it wherever you prefer.
  • 🐱Preserve the Fur: Our pet brush effectively addresses tangling and winding issues. Your pet will relish the grooming process, turning it into a delightful interactive experience for both owners and pets during shedding sessions.
  • 🐶Effective on Various Fur Types: Our grooming brush caters to small to large dogs, cats, and puppies, regardless of their hair length. Whether you're in need of a brush for your cat, dog, or puppy, LAIKA's upgraded pet grooming brush is the ideal choice.

Product Description

Anti-scratch bristle

The rubber cap is added to the top of all bristles. This design can effectively prevent scratches and bleeding accidents and provide massage for your pet.

Avoid Fur-flying

The curved brush bristles can better collect the hairs and debris from pets. Self-cleaning can help you complete the hair collection with one click.

Anti-slip handle

The LAIKA pet slicker brush adds a layer of rubber to relieve hand fatigue while the non-slip surface is designed to help the user better complete the grooming job.

Suitable for cats & dogs

This Pet grooming brush is suitable for cats and dogs, and can effectively clean up the hair of pets with medium and long hair.

About LAIKA Brand

Having substantial expertise in pet product design and development, our team is committed to providing premium pet products to households globally. Our focus remains on ensuring safety, quality, and affordability as we strive for excellence in the realm of pet supplies.


Effectively Help You Finish Pet Grooming

1. The Pet Slicker Brush is suitable for most pets and can well respond to the grooming requirements of different hair types of pets.

2. The One-key hair removal button and large combing area can effectively reduce the user's grooming work.

3. Provide a better living environment for every user, reduce floating hair and miscellaneous hair in life.

  • The Benefits of Pet Hair Brushing:
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Prevent hair from knotting
  • Detect trauma and skin diseases in time
  • Promote blood circulation and more...

We all choose Laika: Safe/ Efficient/ Durable

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